2009 Harvest Blues Main Stage

Mainstage –

The Headline Blues Acts Monaghan 2009

Friday 4th at the Marquee

John Jorgenson Band – California / Nashville

John Jorgenson Band

The John Jorgenson quartet features Grammy Award Winner John Jorgenson. A founding member of the Desert Rose Band and theHellecasters. The list of artists he has performed and recorded with reads like a whos who of rock, pop, country, bluegrass, and folk music- you choose! Bonnie Raitt, Earl Scruggs, Hank Marvin, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, Little Richard! And 6 years with Elton John.

Earl Scruggs himself says,
“To say that John is a superlative guitarist is an understatement. He is simply great.”
A true musician who does not copy anybody,  audiences are amazed by John’s dazzling guitar work and vocalist. Whether playing his own accessible compositions or classic standards, John and his band make music that is equally romantic and ecstatic, played with virtuosity and soul.

King Pleasure & the Biscuit Boys – England

King Pleasure & the Biscuit Boys

“The aristocrats of Rhythm & Blues”. King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys present a breathtaking mix of1940s Kansas City Jazz and Blues in a truly exhilarating, swinging, non-stop live stage performance. Looking like they just stepped straight out of a 1940’s black and white B movie, this inimitable six-piece delivers a shot of pure and authentic Jazz and Blues from a bygone era, when Swing was King.

The main man, King Pleasure, is unique. He sings he romps, he roars, he relentlessly drives the band forward and clearly has such a ball as he does it. Bands are rarely blessed with such a huge personality, and the bonus comes with his sensational tenor sax playing.

Blues & Rhythm magazine dubbed them “easily the best Rhythm & Blues Band on the planet!”
Paul Jones of BBC Radio 2 claimed that they are “The hardest act to follow since the parting of the Red Sea”

Saturday 5th at the Marquee

Too Slim And The Tail Draggers  – Seattle

Too Slim And The Tail Draggers


Although generally lumped into the blues-rock arena, Tim “Too Slim” Langford and his band fall into whatever category a combination of Tom Petty, Creedence and ZZ Top would create.

“Too Slim” and his band the Taildraggers, have created an eclectic style of roots-rock, American, and blues that has become a genre all of its own! Their new vibe blends power-chord-driven, fun-loving Dirty-Rock with the fresh songwriting of Modern Alt-Rock while remaining true to their Blues and Americana roots. Their live show is exciting to fans of Rock & Roll, with enough Americana to thrill purists and a decidedly new sound that brands Too Slim as Broke-the-Mould good!

“A cracking band with a love of the blues and a flair for playing” All Music Guide.The eclectic nature of the band allows Too Slim and the Taildraggers to easily cross-over and appeal to audiences of every musical taste.

Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas – Louisiana

Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas
nathan-2009cha-chasNathan Williams plays zydeco, the fast and furious accordion-driven dance music of theCreole people of South Louisiana. In the hands of a dedicated musician and songwriter such as Nathan Williams, zydeco is one of the most expressive sounds in roots music. His down-home parables are delivered with surprising musical turns and a distinctive Caribbean lilt that reaches back to the very beginnings of Creole culture in Louisiana.

“Tooting saxophones, chicken scratch on the rubboard and zesty guitar licks that would make Snooks Eaglin proud. Hotter than Tabasco sauce on a crawdad.”

Here is uplifting, new music that remains connected to its place in history. If you haven’t heard what’s happening in zydeco lately, here’s your chance!

Sunday 6th at the Marquee

Coco Montoya -Santa Monica/California

Coco Montoya
cocomontana2“In a world of blues guitar pretenders, Coco Montoya is the real McCoy. Be prepared to get scorched.” Billboard 

Over the course of his 30-year career, guitarist and vocalist Coco Montoya’s explosive guitar playing and soul-driven voice have propelled him to the upper reaches of the blues-rock world. Having played with legends such as Albert Collins and John Mayall, Montoya has released four solo albums and has performed non-stop at clubs, concert halls and major festivals all over the world.

At every show, fans’ jaws dropped, and critics raved about Montoya’s mind-bending guitar licks and impassioned vocals. “The fiery blues that issue forth from Coco Montoya’s guitar are awe-inspiring and boogie requiring” shouted The Village Voice. No music aims more directly at the heart than the blues and Coco Montoya is an expert marksman.

Harper – Michigan/Australia

Harper –
harperHarper is a fiery artist who blurs the lines between rock, blues, soul and world music. He has been described as “a singer with the deep soul of Motown, a harmonica player who can graft Sonny Boy II and Little Walter with John Popper, a songwriter who tells his own compelling stories in an unhurried, J.J. Cale-like manner, and a musical visionary who is unafraid to mix his music with infectious modern percussive rhythms and you have a glimpse of what Harper is about“.

Distorted guitars blend with the unique drone of the Harp & didgeridoo to create raw yet eerie sonic textures, somehow sounding primal and contemporary, while Harper’s ace band holds down the groove with a keen second-sense of interplay and dynamics that so many groups strive for.
He is certain to turn the heads of audiences looking for originality, honesty, passion and skill in modern roots music.

Harper is a crack harp player, he plays the instrument with both speed and efficiency, blasting into his runs with the force of a jet stream” All Music Guide, USA

The Main Stage will be held in the Marquee which will be located at the new car park opposite Monaghan Shopping Centre – also known as “Dan McNally’s yard”

  • The Marquee opens at 10.00pm each night.  A band from the blues trail will entertain you at the bar area until the first main act comes on stage at 11:30pm.

Ticket prices 2009:

  • Friday: €20 Last year €22
  • Saturday: €20 Last year €25
  • Sunday: €20 Last year €22
  • Season ticket covering
    all three nights: €50 Last year €55
  • no hidden charges

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