2013 Harvest Blues Trail

Monaghan Rhythm and Blues Festival
6/7/8 2013

Hosted by 6 of the Best Hostileries (or Pubs to you & Me) in Monaghan Town no cover charge at all to gain entry

Be sure to check out the Harvest Blues Booklet available at the event


The Mighty Mojos

mighty mopsThe Mighty Mojos are a musical blast of fresh air! Refreshing and original, they sound like nobody else out there. A blend of rock and blues songs with killer hooks and grooves, catchy riffs, dynamic drums and bass combined with one of the best vocalists you’ll ever hear! It’s a recipe for a great band. That’s why they’re called the MIGHTY MOJOS.

The unbelievably powerful voice is supplied by Alan Ward who hails from Limerick. He’s played in metal bands for years but has finally found the style which suits him best.

Drums are by Hillsborough native David Kennedy who can hammer those snares and toms into total submission! He’s played in many line-ups for years.Bass is supplied by Belfast man Ali McKenzie who lays down a mean groove that’s tight and melodic.
He’s a vastly experienced session player.

Guitars are plucked by Ballymena man David McClean
Who also writes and records the bands material.
He’s got a unique distinctive slide style.The current band has been together for a year rehearsing and honing the songs to get them ready for unleashing to the world. Now its time to listen!

Please visit The Mighty Mojos website and their Facebook page.