2016 Harvest Blues Trail

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The HardChargers Ireland

The-HardchargersThe Hardchargers do exactly what it says on the tin – deliciously irreverent dirty roots blues. It’s raunchy, exciting, provocative and honest, ranging from aggressive down-home washboard/resonator/acoustic bass workouts, to a provocative blend of Mississippi Delta style Blues and raunchy Texan Roadhouse Rock. “They’re magnificent! All the right things in all the right places, a joyous rumblethump beat, raw and syncopated and doused in the cranky old methods of Clarksdale and Chicago”




Please visit The HardChargers’s on You tube and their Facebook page.

Crow Black Chicken Ireland

crowblackchickenOur Very good Friends and one of the Best Blues Rock Bands on the scene are back with us having journeyed through the Austrian Alps to get here. They have embarked on a gruelling tour with their New Album “ Rumble Shake”
Since forming in 2009, Crow Black Chicken have earned back-pats aplenty for their dirty southern blues sound. This power trio of Christy O Hanlon (Vocals, Guitar), Stephen McGrath (Bass) and Gev Barrett (Drums, backing vocals) combine elements of folk and hard rock with the blues rock of bands like Gov’t mule, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin to create their greasy no bullshit blues rock sound. 2014 sees the band release their second album “Rumble Shake”. Recorded in Dublin’s famous Westland studios (Bob Dylan, Horslips, Thin Lizzy,), mixed by George Reiff (Tedeschi Trucks Band, Ray Wylie Hubbard) and featuring guest appearances from some of Irelands best blues musicians including Texas music legend Ray Wylie Hubbard.




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Clara Rose Monaghan

clara-roseShe’s the songstress of rockin’ blues, saviour of rootsy folk and has a voice that can make the hairs stand on the back of your neck. She has been writing and performing her original music for 10 years. With acoustic guitar in hand Clara has shared stages with Celtic legends such as: The Horslips, the late Henry McCullough, The Waterboys, Eleanor McEvoy, John Spillane, Jack L and more recently has released an album with blues legend; Don Baker. She is a mesmerising performer whose voice “soars and swoops with the ease of an opera star running through her scales” (Eamon Carr – Dubliner Magazine).




Please visit Clara Rose’s website and her Facebook page.

Leo ‘Bud’ Welch – Bruce, Mississippi

lLeo-Bud-WelchLeo is proof to never give up on your dreams. Two years ago, no one outside of Bruce, Mississippi knew Leo “Bud” Welch. Today, he’s recognized as one of the last remaining Mississippi Delta bluesmen. He plays fingerstyle on a bright pink guitar, and he sings with a clear and strong voice, belying his age – which is 84! His audience consisted of family, friends and churches. And in fact it was through the church that he found the name of his latest album. When he told his preacher he was cutting an album of authentic Delta blues music, the man replied, “I don’t prefer no blues.” That must have sounded good enough to Bud. It only takes a few seconds into this album to understand that this cat is the real deal. Sid Vicious, Johnny Thunders and Joey Ramone may get the lion’s share of ink for being influential punk rockers, but those dudes can’t hold a candle to Welch, who was ‘punk’ long before birth was ever given to the term in a musical context. Welch does things for himself, they way he wants to – and if you like it, great; if you don’t, that’s just tough.



Please visit Leo ‘Bud’ Welch’s website

Rusty Jacks – Derry, Northern Ireland

rusty-jacksTaking their influences from their love of America’s Deep South Blues and adding their own Irish twist, the lads created a fantastic album, which they are proud of. Covering all aspects of the ‘Southern Blues’ genre, they have produced ten fabulous original songs and added two old classics. Steaming hot guitars, haunting slide guitar, thundering rhythm section, rasping gravelly vocals and a sprinkling of harmonica licks, this album has something for everyone.



Please visit Rusty Jack’s website and their Facebook page.

Gavin Povey Band – Wicklow, Ireland

Gavin-bandHe’s played with everyone from Van to Finbar, from Steve Cropper to Shakin’ Stevens – yep, piano players don’t come much more rock’n’roll than Gavin Povey, who’s bringing his fabulously-named New Orleans fiends The Fabulous Oke-She-Moke-She-Pops to the Harvest Time Blues Festival – Awopbopaloobop-awopbamBOOM!




Please visit Gavin Povey’s website and their Facebook page.

Glas (South Wales)

glasTo capture the vibe and feel of classic blues, rock and roll, country, and R&B in a modern and contemporary way is no mean feat. Step forward GLAS, a three piece band from S Wales. Featuring a combined collective of talent that has seen them share stages with the likes of The Groundhogs, Deke Leonard, Leo ‘Bud’ Welch, Crazy Cavan and The Rhythm Rockers, The Spellkasters, and Gerry Mcavoy’s Band Of Friends, John Otway, Larry miller, GLAS have exploded onto the blues and rock ‘n’ roll scene with their upcoming new album. Fronted by Dai John on vocals and bass, with the in-the-pocket drums of Huw Hannan, and lead guitar of James Oliver, the band are one of the busiest in the UK playing many clubs and festivals and their new album set for release its going to be another great year for Glas.



Please visit Glas’ website and their Facebook page.

Bourbon Swing Jazz Band (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

“The Bourbon Swing Jazz Band, Ireland,s top New Orleans Dixieland Band This band literally transports you to New Orleans for their entire performance, just lay back in your seat if you can and shut your eyes they do the rest,. Their swinging rhythms infectious melodies soulful sounds of the New Orleans delta blues are sure to keep your hands clapping and your toes tapping all night long. These experienced musicians have interpreted the unique New Orleans sound of the early years for todays jazz lovers listening and dancing pleasure, a high calibre line up, not one to be missed.”

“Under the leadership of Bill Cheney (trumpet), the band stays faithful to the tradition of the Delta, drawing upon a substantial repertoire of tunes from the early 20th Century with influences including King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton and Louis Armstrong.”





The Revolutionaires (Newcastle, UK)

revolutonairesEstablished within the ‘hotbed’ of the North East music scene in the UK, they power out jumpin’ hot rhythm & blues in their own indomitable hard hitting style. Primarily, they are influenced by 1940’s and 1950’s R&B. In particular, Louis Jordan, Big Joe Turner, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Roy Brown. However, they have adopted a harder and more aggressive approach, synonymous with modern blues artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Duke Robillard, Jools Holland and Mike Henderson which helps create their own high energy sound.”





Please visit The Revolutionaires website and her Facebook page.

Tommy Bentz Band (Wisconsin, USA)

“Original music from the genius of Tommy Bentz and his band. Hailing from River Falls, the quartet fuses together southern rock, folk and jazz creating a sound that is pleasing to the eclectic palette! No matter what your taste may be, this is definitely the show to see!!”
“Tommy Bentz Band The Tommy Bentz band is a tight power trio, with a distinct sound considerably like a blend of Allman Brothers, Van Morrison and Elvis Costello. Tommy is a singer/songwriter with a mature blues/rock edge.”



Red House by The Tommy Bentz Band from Tommy Bentz on Vimeo.

Please visit Tommy Bentz Band website and their Facebook page and Vimeo.

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